Workers Compensation

State Fund and All Workers Compensation Carriers

Who needs Workers Compensation Coverage?

California law requires employers to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Even out-of-state employers may need Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage if an employee is regularly employed in California or a contract of employment is entered into here. All California employers must provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance benefits to their employees under California Labor Code Section 3700. There are five basic types of Workers’ Compensation Insurance benefits – medical care, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation services, and death benefits. In California, all employers, whether large or small, are required to have coverage for their employees with Workers’ Compensation Insurance. An employee does not have to be full-time, or employed by only one employer for any number of months or days. In addition, there is no need for a written employment contract and employees can include legal and illegal aliens, minors and prisoners. Under certain circumstances; i.e., a home owner, you may be required to have workers’ compensation if you hire someone to perform gardening, maintenance, house cleaning, etc.

What does a Workers Compensation Policy Cover?

Workers’ Compensation coverage is offered under Part One of a Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy. In Part one, the insurance company agrees to promptly pay all benefits and compensation due to an injured worker. Employers Liability insurance can provide important coverage in addition to Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Employers Liability is offered under Part Two of a Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance policy. Employers Liability Part Two protects the employer against instances where an employee’s injury or disease is not considered work related.

Who’s exempt from Workers Compensation Insurance?

Only corporate officers or limited liability company (LLC) owners in the construction industry with at least a 10 percent stock ownership in the corporation or LLC can elect to exempt themselves from Workers’ Compensation coverage. No more than three per corporation or LLC are allowed to be exempt. This new law will curb the tide of costly and dangerous practices by those construction employers looking to make a fast buck, while exposing employees and consumers to financial and physical harm.

Can a sole proprietor or individual exempt themselves from Workers Compensation Insurance?

Sole Proprietors and partners are not required to cover themselves, but can elect to be covered. Corporate officers are covered but those who own at least 10% of the corporation’s stock may elect to be exempted from coverage. If you work for yourself or own a business, you may not be required to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage. Sole proprietors, partners, and officers of closely held corporations are generally not considered employees unless specifically listed under a policy. If, the employer hires employees, the employees must be covered even if the owner is not. Sole proprietors, partners, and officers of closely held corporations are generally not considered employees unless specifically listed under the business Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy.

What do you consider a Sub-Contractor or Independent Contractor vs. an employee?

Independent contractors and subcontractors are considered employees of their clients unless they meet certain very specific criteria for independence and both parties have their own Work Comp Policies.


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Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan – 1995
Effective January 1, 1995 through January 1, 2009


Advertising Companies
Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Mfg.
Aircraft Engine Mfg. or Rebuilding
Aircraft Operation – agricultural – all others
Aircraft Operation – agricultural – flying crew
Aircraft Operation -commuter air carriers
Aircraft Operation -commuter air carriers
Aircraft Operation – flying crew
Aircraft Operation – ground schools
Aircraft Operation – not agricultural, scheduled, or supplemental
Aircraft Operation – patrol; photography
Aircraft Operation – personnel transport
Aircraft Operation – scheduled, commuter and supplemental – all others
Aircraft Operation – scheduled, commuter and supplemental – flying crew
Aircraft Operation – student instruction – flying crew
Aircraft Remanufacture, Conversion, Modification and Repair
Airplane Mfg.
Airport Operators
Alcoholic and Drug Recovery Homes
Aluminum Ware Mfg.
Ambulance Services
Amusement Parks or Exhibitions – maintenance of premises
Amusement Parks or Exhibitions – operation and maintenance. of amusement devices
Analytical or Testing Laboratories
Apartment or Condominium Complex Operation – all other employees
Apartment or Condominium Complex Operation – property management supervisors
Apartment or Condominium Complex Operation for Seniors
Apartment or Condominium Complex Operation for Seniors – property management supervisors
Asbestos Abatement
Asphalt or Tar Distilling or Refining
Asphalt Works
Athletic Teams or Parks – maintenance
Athletic Teams or Parks – players, umpires
Attorney Support Services
Audio Post Production
Audio/Visual Electronic Products Mfg.
Audio/Visual Electronic Products Mfg. ,
Auditors or Accountants
Automatic Sprinkler Installation – within buildings – equals or exceeds $27.00
Automatic Sprinkler Installation – within buildings – less than $27.00
Automobile Body Mfg. – pleasure car or taxicab
Automobile Body Mfg. – truck, trailer or bus
Automobile Body Upholstering
Automobile Gasoline Stations
Automobile or
Automobile Truck Body and Fender Repairing and Painting
Automobile or Automobile Truck Dealers
Automobile or Automobile Truck Dismantling
Automobile or Automobile Truck Engine Mfg.
Automobile or Automobile Truck Parts Rebuilding
Automobile or Automobile Truck Radiator Mfg.
Automobile or Automobile Truck Repair Shops or Garages
Automobile or Automobile Truck Salespersons
Automobile or Automobile Truck Service Stations
Automobile or Automobile Truck Storage Garages or Parking Stations or Lots
Automobile or Automobile Truck Transmission Repairing and Rebuilding
Automobile or Motorcycle Mfg. or Assembling
Automobile Radio and Telephone Installation, Service or Repair
Automobile Truck or Automobile Truck Trailer Mfg. or Assembling
Automobile Van Conversion or Customizing
Automobile, Automobile Truck or Motorcycle Parts Mfg.
Awning, Tarp or Canvas Goods Mfg.
Bag Mfg. – paper
Bag Mfg. – plastic
Bag Mfg. – traveling bags or hand luggage
Bag or Sack Mfg. or Renovating — cotton, burlap or gunny
Bakeries and Cracker Mfg.
Barber Shops or Beauty Parlors
Battery Mfg.
Bed Spring or Wire Mattresses Mfg.
Beer or Ale Dealers
Beverage Container Collection or Redemption
Beverage Preparation Shops – not bars or taverns
Billiard Halls
Biomedical Research Laboratories
Building or Repairing
Boat Dealers
Boiler Installation, Repair or Setting – steam
Bookbinding – all other employees
Bookbinding – editing
Bookbinding – Salespersons – Outside
Boot or Shoe Mfg. or Repairing
Bottle Dealers
Bowling Centers
Box Mfg. – folding paper boxes
Box Mfg. – rigid paper boxes
Box, Box Shook or Container Mfg.
Boy and Girl Scout Councils – camp operations
Boy and Girl Scout Councils – executive secretaries
Breweries or Malt Houses
Brick or Clay Products Mfg.
Bridge Building – metal
Bridge or Trestle Construction – wood
Briquette Mfg.
Buffing or Polishing of Metal
Building Material Dealers
Building Material Dealers – secondhand
Building Operation – all other employees
Building Operation – commercial properties – all other employees
Building Operation – commercial properties – property management supervisors
Building Operation – property management supervisors
Building or Roofing Paper or Felt Preparation
Burglar Alarm Installation, Service or Repair
Bus or Limousine Operations
Bush Berry Crops
Butter Substitutes Mfg.
Cabinet Mfg. – wood
Cabinet or Enclosure Mfg. – metal
Cabinet or Fixtures
Cable Television
Can Mfg.
Canal Construction
Canneries – fish
Carnivals or Circuses
Carpentry – detached private residences for 1 or 2 families – equals or exceeds $26.00
Carpentry – detached private residences for 1 or 2 families – less than $26.00
Carpentry – dwellings not exceeding 3 stories – equals or exceeds $26.00
Carpentry – dwellings not exceeding 3 stories – less than $26.00
Carpentry – equals or exceeds $26.00
Carpentry – less than $26.00
Carpet or Rug Mfg.
Carpet, Rug or Upholstery Cleaning
Cathedral or Art Glass Window Mfg.
Cathedral or Art Glass Window Mfg. – including glass manufacturing
Ceiling Installation
Cement Mfg.
Cemetery Operation
Check Cashers
Chemical Mfg.
Chemical Mixing, Blending and Repackaging
Chimney Construction
Churches – clergy
Clay Digging
Clearing Land
Clerical Office Employees
Clock Mfg.
Clothing Mfg.
Clubs – boys and girls
Clubs – country or golf
Clubs – gaming
Clubs – riding
Clubs – shooting
Clubs – swimming
Clubs – tennis or racquetball
Coffin or Casket Mfg. or Assembling
Coffin or Casket Upholstery Work
Coke Mfg.
Colleges or Schools – private
Colleges or Schools – private – academic professionals
Communications Cabling
Computer Memory Disk Mfg.
Computer or Computer Peripheral Equipment Mfg.
Computer or Computer Peripheral Equipment Mfg.
Computer or Computer System Installation, Inspection, Adjustment or Repair
Computer Printing Ribbon Mfg. or Refurbishing
Computer Programming or Software Development
Construction – bridges
Construction – foundations
Concrete or Cement Work – equals or exceeds $24.00

Concrete or Cement Work – less than $24.00
Concrete or Cement Work – precast
Concrete or Cement Work – sidewalks – equals or exceeds $24.00
Concrete or Cement Work – sidewalks – less than $24.00
Concrete Products Mfg.
Concrete Pumping
Conduit Construction
Confections and Food Sundries Mfg. or Processing
Congregate Living Facilities for the Elderly
Construction or Erection Permanent Yards
Contractors – executive level supervisors
Convalescent Homes or Convalescent Hospitals
Corrugated or Fibre Board Container Mfg.
Cosmetic, Personal Care or Perfumery Products Mfg.
Cotton Batting, Wadding or Waste Mfg.
Cotton Farms
Cotton Gin Operation
Cotton Merchants
Cottonseed Oil Mfg. or Refining
Creameries and Dairy Products Mfg.
Credit Unions
Crematory Operators
Cross-Country Water Pipeline Construction
Dairy Farms
Dam Construction
Dam Construction – concrete
Day Care Centers
Dental Laboratories
Dentists and Dental Surgeons
Detective or Patrol Agencies
Die Casting Mfg.
Document Duplication or Photocopying Service
Dog Shows
Door Installation – overhead doors
Door or Window Frame Mfg. – metal or plastic
Door or Window Mfg. – metal or plastic – including glass
Door or Window Mfg. – screen
Door, Door Frame or Pre-Glazed Window Installation
Door, Sash or Window Mfg. – wood
Dressmaking or Tailoring
Drilling – geothermal wells
Drug, Medicine or Pharmaceutical Preparations Mfg.
Dry Cleaning or Dyeing
Dry Cleaning or Laundry – retail
Electric Appliance Mfg.
Electric Control Panel or Switchgear Mfg.
Electric Light or Power Companies
Electric Light or Power Line Construction
Electric Motor Mfg. or Repair
Electric Power or Transmission Equipment Mfg.
Electrical Apparatus Mfg.
Electrical Connector Mfg.
Electrical Machinery or Auxiliary Apparatus
Electrical Wire Harness Mfg.
Electrical Wiring – equals or exceeds $28.00
Electrical Wiring – less than $28.00
Electronic Element Mfg.
Electronic Prepress – all operations
Electronic Tube or Transistor Mfg.
Erection or Repair
Elevator Inspecting
Elevator Service Inspections, Oiling and Adjusting Enameled Ironware Mfg.
Engineers – consulting
Envelope Mfg.
Equipment or Machinery Rental Yards
Excavation – equals or exceeds $26.00
Excavation – less than $26.00 Excavation – rock
Exercise or Health Institutes
Explosive Mfg.
Express Companies
Farm Machinery Dealers
Farm Machinery Operation
Feed Mfg.
Feed Yards
Felting Mfg.
Fence Construction
Fibre Preparation
Field Crops
Fire Alarm Installation, Service or Repair
Fire Fighters – not volunteers
Fire Fighters – volunteers
Fixtures or Lamp Mfg. or Assembly
Floor Covering
Floor Installation
Florists – cultivating or gardening
Flower or Flower Arrangement Mfg.
Forging Works
Foundation Preparation Work
Foundries – investment casting
Foundries – iron
Foundries – non-ferrous
Foundries – steel castings
Freight Forwarders
Freight Handlers
Fruit – citrus fruit packing and handling
Fruit – dried fruit packing and handling
Fruit – fresh fruit packing and handling
Fruit Juice or Concentrate Mfg.
Fruit or Vegetable Dehydrating
Fuel and Material Dealers
Funeral Directors
Fur Mfg.
Furnace, Heater or Radiator Mfg.
Furniture – upholstering
Furniture Assembling
Furniture Mfg. – metal
Furniture Mfg. – wood
Furniture Moving
Galvanizing or Tinning
Galvanizing or Tinning – not electrolytic
Garbage, Ashes or Refuse Collecting
Garbage, Ashes or Refuse Dump Operations
Gas Mains or Connections Construction – equals or exceeds $26.00
Gas Mains or Connections Construction – less than $26.00
Gas Works
Gasket Mfg.
Gasoline or Oil Dealers
Gasoline Recovery
Gate or Corral Mfg.
Geophysical Exploration
Geophysical Exploration including mapping of subsurface areas
Glass Merchants
Glassware Mfg.
Glassware Mfg. – no automatic machines
Glaziers – equals or exceeds $26.00
Glaziers – less than $26.00
Glue Mfg.
Golf Club or Fishing Rod Mfg. or Assembly
Grading Land – equals or exceeds $26.00
Grading Land – less than $26.00
Grain Elevators or Grain Storage Warehouses
Grain or Rice Milling
Graphic Design – all operations
Hardware Mfg.
Hardwood Floor Laying
Hat Mfg.
Grain or Feed Dealers
Heat Treating
Hide or Fur Cleaning, Processing or Preserving
Hide Processing or Preserving
Home Infusion Therapists
Homemaker Services
Homeowners Associations
Horse Shows – maintenance
Horse Shows – stable employees
Hospitals – veterinary
House Furnishings
Household Appliances
Housing Authorities
Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt Shops
Ice Mfg. or Ice Dealers
Incandescent Lamp and Fluorescent Tube Mfg.
Incandescent Lamp Mfg.
Ink, Mucilage or Polish Mfg.
Inspection for Insurance or Valuation
Institutional Employees
Instrument – professional or scientific
Installation or repair
Instrument Mfg. electronic
Instrument Mfg. – electronic
Instrument Mfg. – non-electronic
Insulation Work
Insurance Companies
Integrated Circuit and Semiconductor Wafer Mfg.
Internet or Web-Based Application Development or Operation
Iron or Steel Erection
Iron or Steel Erection – structural
Iron or Steel Erection – structural – buildings not over 2 stories
Iron or Steel Merchants
Iron or Steel Scrap Dealers
Iron or Steel Works – structural
Iron Works – non-structural
Iron, Steel, Brass, Bronze or Aluminum Erection – non-structural
Irrigation Pipe
Installation – agricultural
Irrigation, Drainage or Reclamation Works
Janitorial Services
Jetty or Breakwater Construction
Jewelry Mfg.
Junk Dealers
Labor Unions
Lampshade Mfg.
Land Leveling – farm lands – equals or exceeds $26.00
Land Leveling – farm lands – less than $26.00
Landscape Gardening
Lead Mfg. Reclaiming Or Alloying – red or white
Lead Mfg., Reclaiming or Alloying
Leather Goods Mfg.
Lens Mfg.
Libraries – librarians or professional

Libraries – public
Livestock Auctioneers
Livestock Dealers or Commission Merchants
Log Chipping
Log Hauling
Logging or Lumbering
Macaroni Mfg.
Machine Mfg.
Machine Shops
Machine Shops – aircraft components
Machinerv Dealers
Machinery and Equipment Dealers – secondhand
Machinery Mfg. – commercial food processing equipment
Machinery Mfg. – industrial
Machinery Mfg. – material handling equipment
Machinery Mfg. – portable tools and lawn care
Machinery Mfg. – swimming pool and spa
Machinery or Equipment Mfg. – agricultural, construction, mining or ore milling
Machinery or Equipment Rental Yards
Magnetic Tape Mfg.
Mail Delivery Service Companies
Mailing or Addressing Companies
Marble Cutting or Polishing
Marine Appraisers or Surveyors
Masonry – equals or exceeds $24.00
Masonry – less than $24.00
Mattress or Box Springs Mfg.
Meat Products Mfg.
Medical Instrument Mfg.
Metal Goods Mfg.
Metal Scrap Dealers
Millwright Work
Mining – ore milling
Mining – surface
Mining – Surface Employees of underground mining
Mining – underground
Mobile Crane and Hoisting Service Contractors
Mobile Home Mfg.
Mobile Home Park Operation – all other employees
Mobile Home Park Operation – property management supervisors
Mortgage Bankers
Mortgage Brokers
Motion Pictures — development of negatives, printing and all subsequent
Motion Pictures – negative and print processors, distributors and film exchanges- not motion picture production
Motion Pictures – production – all employees
Motorcycle Dealers
Municipal, State or Public Agency Employees
Municipal, State or Public Agency Employees – all other employees
Musical Instrument Mfg. – other than metal
Nail, Tack or Rivet Mfg.
News Agents or Distributors of Magazines not retail
Newspaper Delivery
Newspaper Publishing or Newspaper Printing – editing
Newspaper Publishing or Newspaper Printing – reporters, advertising
Newspaper Publishing or Printing – all other employees
Newspaper, Magazine or Book Publishing – no printing
Nurseries – propagation and cultivation of nursery stock
Nursing Homes
Nut, Bolt or Screw Mfg.
Office Machine Installation or Repair
Oil Mfg. or Refining – vegetable
Oil or Gas Geologists or Scouts
Oil or Gas Lease Operators
Oil or Gas Lease Work
Oil or Gas Pipeline Construction
Oil or Gas Pipeline Operation
Oil or Gas Refining Units
Oil or Gas Well Servicing
Oil or Gas Well Supplies or Equipment Dealers – not secondhand
Oil or Gas Well Supplies or Equipment Dealers – secondhand
Oil or Gas Wells – acidizing
Oil or Gas Wells – cementing
Oil or Gas Wells – drilling or redrilling
Oil or Gas Wells – gravel packing
Oil or Gas Wells – installation or recovery of casing
Oil or Gas Wells – perforating of casing
Oil or Gas Wells – specialty tool companies
Oil or Gas Wells – vacuum truck service companies
Oil or Gas Wells – wireline service companies
Oil Refining – petroleum
Olive Handling
Olive Handling
Optical Goods Mfg.
Orchards – citrus and deciduous fruits
Orchards – nut crops
Orthotic or Prosthetic Device Mfg.
Oxygen or Hydrogen Mfg.
Pack Trains
Paint, Varnish or Lacquer Mfg.
Painting – automobile or automobile truck bodies
Painting – oil or gasoline storage tanks – less than $24.00
Painting – shop only
Painting – steel structures or bridges
Painting, Decorating or Paper Hanging – equals or exceeds $24.00
Painting, Decorating or Paper Hanging – less than $24.00
Painting-oil or gasoline storage tanks – equals or exceeds $24.00
Pallet Dealers
Pallet Mfg., Repair or Reconditioning
Paper Coating or Laminating
Paper Goods Mfg.
Paper or Pulp Mfg.
Paper Stock Dealers
Parcel Delivery Companies
Patrol or Guard Services
Pattern or Model Mfg.
Pen or Mechanical Pencil Mfg.
Pest Control
Photo Engraving
Pickle Mfg.
Pickle Mfg.
Picture Frame Assembly
Picture or Artwork Framing
Pile Driving
Pillow, Quilt, Comforter or Cushion Mfg.
Pipe or Tube Mfg.
Pipe Reclaiming
Planing or Moulding Mills
Plaster Board or Plaster Block Mfg.
Plaster Mills
Plaster Statuary or Ornament Mfg.
Plastering or Stucco Work – equals or exceeds $25.00
Plastering or Stucco Work – less than $25.00
Plastic Goods Mfg.
Plastics – blow molded products mfg.
Plastics – extrusion molded products mfg.
Plastics – fabricated products mfg. – no molding
Plastics – fiber reinforced plastic products mfg.
Plastics – injection molded products mfg.
Plastics – thermoformed products mfg.
Solar Panel Mfg.
Sound System Installation, Service or Repair
Speaker Mfg.
Spinning or Weaving
Steam Pipe or Boiler Insulation
Steel Framing – light gauge – commercial – equals or exceeds $26.00
Steel Framing – light gauge – commercial – less than $26.00
Steel Framing – light gauge – residential – equals or exceeds $26.00
Steel Framing – light gauge – residential – less than $26.00
Steel Making
Steel Making — electric furnaces or crucible processes
Stock Farms
Stone Crushing
Stone Cutting or Polishing
Stores – automobile accessories
Stores – bicycles and bicycle accessories
Stores – books – retail
Stores – ceramic tile
Stores – clothing, dry goods – wholesale
Stores – clothing, wearing apparel or dry goods – retail
Stores – computer
Stores -delicatessen
Stores – department stores
Stores – eye wear
Stores – feed, tack and farm supplies
Stores – floor covering
Stores – florists
Stores – fruit or vegetables – retail
Stores – furniture
Stores – garden supplies
Stores – groceries and provisions – convenience – retail
Stores – groceries and provisions – retail
Stores – hardware – retail
Stores – jewelry
Stores – lighting fixtures
Stores – meat, fish or poultry – retail
Stores – meat, fish or poultry – wholesale
Stores – office supplies and stationery
Stores – paint or paint supplies
Stores – retail
Stores – video media – rental – retail
Stores – welding supplies

Stores – wholesale
Stores – wine or spirits – wholesale
Stores – wine, beer or spirits – retail
Stove Mfg.
Strawberry Crops
Street or Road Construction – grading
Street or Road Construction – paving
Street Sweeping Service Companies
Subway Construction — S.C.R.T.D.
Sugar Mfg. or Refining
Superintendent of Public Schools Office
Swimming Pool Cleaning and Servicing
Swimming Pools
Tag, Button or Fastener Mfg.
Talc Mills
Taxicab Operations
Telecommunications Companies
Telecommunications Equipment Mfg.
Telecommunications Equipment Mfg.
Telephone or Telephone Equipment Mfg.
Telephone or Telephone System Installation, Service or Repair
Telephone, Telegraph or Fire Alarm Line Construction
Television, Video, Audio and Radio Equipment Installation, Service or Repair
Tent – erection, removal or repair
Termite Control Work
Terra Cotta Mfg.
Theaters – dance, opera and theater companies
Theaters – motion picture
Theaters – music ensembles
Theaters – not motion picture
Tile or Earthenware Mfg.
Tile, Stone, Mosaic or Terrazzo Work
Tool Mfg.
Tool Mfg. – hot formed tools
Towel or Toilet Supply Companies
Tree Pruning, Repairing or Trimming
Trophy Mfg.
Truck Farms
Trucking Firms
Truss or Building Components Mfg.
Tube or Pipe Products Mfg.
Typewriter Ribbon Mfg. or Refurbishing
Umbrella Mfg.
Valve Mfg.
Vegetable or Fruit Processing – frozen
Vegetables – fresh vegetable and tomato packing and handling
Vending Concessionaires
Vending or Coin-Operated Machines
Veneer or Veneer Products Mfg.
Video Post Production
Vinegar Mfg.
Vitamin or Food Supplement Mfg.
Wallboard Application – equals or exceeds $26.00
Wallboard Application – less than $26.00
Warehouses – cold storage
Warehouses – cotton
Warehouses – furniture
Warehouses – general merchandise
Warehouses – grain or bean
Warehouses – self-storage – all other employees
Warehouses – self-storage – property management supervisors
Watch Mfg.
Watchpersons or Guards
Water Mains or Connections Construction – equals or exceeds $26.00
Water Mains or Connections Construction – less than $26.00
Water Softening or Conditioning Systems
Water Truck Service Companies
Waterproofing – equals or exceeds $24.00
Waterproofing – less than $24.00
Weighers, Samplers or Inspectors of Merchandise on Docks, Railway Stations or Warehouses
Welding or Cutting
Wharf Building
Wheelchair Mfg.
Wheelchair Upholstering
Window Blind Mfg. or Assembly
Window Covering
Wiping Cloth or Rag Dealers
Wire Drawing
Wire Goods Mfg.
Wire Rope or Cable Mfg. – including wire drawing
Wire Rope or Cable Mfg. – no wire drawing
Wood Chopping or Tie Making
Wood Products Mfg.
Wood Treating or Preserving
Wool Combing or Scouring
Yarn or Thread Dyeing or Finishing
YMCA or YWCA Institutions
Plate Steel Products Fabrication
Plumbers’ Supplies Dealers
Plumbing – equals or exceeds $24.00
Plumbing – less than $24.00
Police, Sheriffs, Constables, etc. – not volunteers
Police, Sheriffs, Constables, etc. – volunteers
Potato Crops
Poultry Raising
Power Supply Mfg.
Printed Circuit Board Assembling
Printed Circuit Board Mfg.
Printing – all other employees
Printing – editing
Printing – quick printing
Printing – screen printing – all other employees
Printing – screen printing – editing
Printing -Salespersons – Outside
Product Demonstrators and Sample Distributors – by contractors – in stores
Public Colleges or Schools
Public Health Nursing Associations
Pump or Hydraulic Apparatus Mfg. or Repair
Racing Stables – jockeys on per race basis
Racing Stables – operation – including trainers and jockeys – payroll basis
Radio, Television or Commercial Broadcasting Stations
Railroad Construction
Real Estate Agencies
Recreational Vehicle Mfg.
Refrigeration Equipment – equals or exceeds $24.00
Refrigeration Equipment – less than $24.00
Refrigerator Mfg.
Reinforcing Steel Fabrication
Reinforcing Steel Installation
Rendering or Fertilizer Works
Residential Care Facilities for Adults
Residential Care Facilities for Children
Residential Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled
Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly
Residential Cleaning Services
Resin Mfg.
Rest Homes
Restaurants or Taverns
Road Districts or Departments
Rock Wool Mfg.
Rocket Propellant Mfg.
Roofing – equals or exceeds $23.00
Roofing – less than $23.00
Rubber Goods Mfg.
Rubber Stock Dealers
Rubber Tire Dealers
Rubber Tire Mfg.
Rubber Tire Recapping or Retreading
Salespersons – Outside
Salt Production
Sand or Gravel Digging
Sandwich Shops – not restaurants
Sanitary Companies
Sanitary or Sanitation Districts Operation
Sawmills or Shingle Mills
Scaffolds, Shoring, Distributing Towers, Hod Hoists or Construction Elevators
Screen Printed Merchandise Dealers – all other employees
Screen Printed Merchandise Dealers – editing
Screw Machine Products Mfg.
Seed Merchants
Serum, Anti-Toxin or Virus Mfg.
Sewer Construction – equals or exceeds $26.00
Sewer Construction – less than $26.00
Sewer or Tank Cleaning
Sheep Raising and Hog Farms
Sheet Metal Products Mfg.
Sheet Metal Work – equals or exceeds $25.00
Sheet Metal Work – less than $25.00
Sheltered Workshops or Work Activity Centers
Shooting Galleries
Shutter Mfg.
Sign Erection or Repair
Sign Installation or Repair
Sign Mfg. – metal, plastic or wood
Sign Mfg. – other than wood
Sign Mfg. – quick sign shops
Sign Painting or Lettering
Silica Grinding
Skating Centers
Skating Rinks – ice or roller
Ski Resorts
Sintering, Refining, or Alloying
Soap or Synthetic Detergent Mfg.
Social Rehabilitation Facilities for Adults